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piuhh.... setelah lama menghilang dari dunia blog,, akhirnya datang juga kesempatan untuk nulis lagi... suatu hal yang paling merindukan... (^^).. setelah memasuki babak baru di dalam kehidupanku... yaitu menikah.. dengan seorang pria yang tak lain juga teman satu kampus,,, membuat ku bahagia sekaligus membuat kuliah ku tak selesai2... (hehehehe).. tp tak mengapa.. toh aku mendapatkan suatu anugrah yang indah yaitu suami.. dan calon bayi dalam kandunganku... tp tetep aja kuliah harus diselesaikan ya..(semangat berapi api)...  dan saatnya mengubah blog kembali seperti semula.. yahh karna tugas kuliah blog ini berubah drastis... sekrang saatnya merubah kembali terlanjur ada waktu 2 bulan sebelum melahirkan... itung2 mengobati rasa kangen pada dunia blogging...  welcome...

Saturday, 10 July 2010

ICT Final Exam Answer..

Dita Wulandari



  1. What is the overall benefits of BLogging for learning English?
The Answer :
I get many benefits of Blogging for learning English. Well, I start blogging about 2 yearsa go at 2008. I know Blogging from my friend names Dini. First, I use Blogging just for a diary and sharing with my friends in virtual world, and then I know, from blogging I get many more of communication and information. Many of Blogger make Blogs with some reason, just for sharing, showing their ideas, and learning, even find money. In fact, I really sure that many kind of information I got, include learning English.All about learning English can we get from Blogging because everyone may have Blogs and everyone may sharing their ideas in Blogging and many of Blogger use their Blogs for sharing Learning especially we can find Blogs that can help us in L earning English. Just remember, Internet makes world without space, whatever we want we can get from it easier, include in Learning English from Blogging.

1. Many sources of Learning English Materials from Blogging
This is the first benefit that I thing we can got from blogging. In fact, internet is cheap and easy to access know. For that reasons,teaching and learning is easier to share with others. What do you do if you have a home work or an assignment from your teacher or lecturer? Where can you find the answer easier? Well, I and you know the answer, yes it is from internet. Especially from Blogs, many of Blogger want to share their learning in virtual world. From Blogging there are many Blogs you can find to help you in learning English. For example, when you have an assignment about English you can find many Blogs to help you in doing your assignment. For example of Blogs to learn English is I have an presentation assignment about analytical exposition (writing) I justfind the whole of materials from blogs, I get the materials from,,,and many more. Looks, how easy we can get the source from learning English. Just walk around at Blogs, then many sources we can get. That’s why from blogging we an learning English. That the first benefit that we can get from Blogging.
2. Many new Information (knowledge) about learning English from Blogging
Many kind of new information (knowledge; speaking,listening, reading, writing) we can get from internet. For the simple example is vocabulary. Everyone knows that when they start to blogging in learning English,they will have something new input about it. From zero to hero, from nothing become something, from don’t know become know. You have an assignment and you don’t know the answer then you find from blogs and you make it, have you ever thought that you have something new in your brain when you did it. Yeah, that’s all from blogging. Just walking blog to blog especially about English we will get many of sources material. There is a lot of new knowledge there about English. How blogging make us easier in learning, it’s really help us to see the learning widely.

3. Having discussion of Learning English out of class
Blog make us easier to share about learning English out of class. Well, that’s not enough to learn our subject at school or college just 2 hours every day. With blogging student can have many others discussion in sharing and learning English. The easy example like what we have done in ICT class, Mr. Uray asks us to make some blog with clear purposes. From that every student can have communicate and discussion after class. With Blogging everything of learning English is easier. This is important to make student learning outside the English formal class anytime and anywhere student can continue their discussion about learning English after class.

4. Media of Promotion Learning English
Everyone can share their ideas in their blog. This is one of the ways to promote what we want to show. Many people outside have ability in English and of course they want to share their knowledge to others. With Blogging, we can make something which is needed by many people. For example, I interest in IT and I want to make a blog which is containing of Technology information in English then I start to post it into my blog. From this I use blog as a media to promote what I have wanted to show. So, everyone will have chance in connecting to me. From this, I can learn more about English from others Blogger in all over the world
5. Make student learning English writing process
Well, what will you do with your blog? Of course for write something. Maybe this is a simple thing but it is good in training our writing process. Unbelievable, when we write some article in English daily, we will have more skill in writing English. This is making student learn writing easier, because they will write whatever they like. To learn writing is better start from write whatever we like. In Blog we can write anything that we want to share to others of course in English. If we have difficulties in writing, we can start to blogging. That will make us better in writing because we are trained to write in English and we will try to write a god one in order to make anyone who look our blog will be satisfied and interest.
I think that’s all of benefit that I have from blogging. From all of the answer the most important are communication and information. Many more of learning English we can get from Blogs. In ways of chatting, comment, posting, blog walking, video,link all of that we can do in Blog. Everything will be easier if we want to try hard in learning English because many media will support us to do it,especially from BLOG.
2. Please download the research article from pdf and then answer the following questions:

   2a. What is Podcast?

The Answer :
Based on my reading, Podcast is one of Technology product from internet. The name of podcast is from iPOD and broadCAST. As we know iPOD is something to use as portable MP3 players and broadcast means that it can be listen. Podcast can be accessed,downloaded and played to a computer or MP3 player. The popularity of podcast can be linked to their simplicity in creating, editing, publishing and listening to them. That like a digital audio file like MP3 or AAC and it is available for download and upload to the internet of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player. Podcast may contain audio(music), images and video. For example, English student will know about, in that website we can download an audio file such as a record of English conversation from radio. This is call podcast. To make it easier to understand you may visit here,from that link we can choose many kind of news in podcast from some news for some countries.

   2b. How can Podcasting be useful for learning languages?

The Answer :
From podcast we will have easier in learning languages especially in English because we can upload and download many audio file to hear and practice. Many kind of English material we can get from podcast. It can help us in learn speaking outside the class. For example when I want to have a material about saying apology I can download it, many podcast we can find from internet, one of it is from BBC. Beside trained our pronunciation we will be more creative in learning language because from podcast we have to listen and speak. From these aspects we will learn English faster directly from the native speaker. Can you imagine if we always here podcast almost every day and also practice it, we will be able to speak fluently, make us have more about information of knowledge. From this, we can easier learning English.Podcast now is a media of Learning. When student have a difficulties time for learning language, from podcast they can get huger of English materials to learn. In fact, Podcast isreally help in learning languages because of listening and speaking method make learning English easier to learn. also, Method and Materials in Podcast are very good in Learning language.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Robot Made In Indonesia

To : All Viewers

Who said that Indonesia do not have ability in making war Robots, like America or others countries. In fact, however with minimum budget, Lemjitek, TNI AD of Indonesia in Karangploso, Malang city is able in creating war robots. However the robots still in prototype, the robot is able to use with radio wave.

The robot know is not too perfect enough, but it have same ability with robot from other countries. Beside it can use in long distance, This robot also complete with 6 units spy web camera and ultrasonic sensor.
Spoiler for the pic :
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spoiler for Source :
In fact, Indonesia are full of great and clever People... Try to develop your imagination well become high technology..

For more information, please click here

All About Bill Gates

Who didn't know about Bill gates ?

Yes, he is the great people in Microsoft.. This time I will share you about this famous people in the world, One of the richest people in the world, The father of Microsoft, he is Bill Gates.

Biography :

William Henry Gates III (was born in Seattle, Washington, 28 Oktober 1955; 54 years old), more familiar as, is the owner of Microsoft Software Company in US. Bill Gates is the second child of 3 brothers, he was born from William Henry Gates, Sr., a lawyer, and Mary Maxwell, a worker of First Interstate Bank, Pacific Northwest Bell, and the member of National United Way. Gates learn at Lakeside School, the greatest elite school yang paling in Seattle, and continued to Harvard University, but he was-drop out. 

In his personal life, Gates was marry with Melinda French in ! January 1994. They have 3 children, Jennifer Katharine Gates (1996), Rory John Gates (1999) and Phoebe Adele Gates (2002). 

In 2005, Gates receive the appreciation of Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire from Elizabeth Queen of II.

His rich level ;

1996 - $18,5 Milliard, #1
1997 - $36,4 milliard, #2
1998 - $51,0 milliard, #1
1999 - $90,0 milliard, #1
2000 - $60,0 milliard, #1
2001 - $58,7 milliard, #1
2002 - $52,8 milliard, #1
2003 - $40,7 milliard, #1
2004 - $46,6 milliard, #1
2010 - $53,0 milliard, #2
Spoiler for Bill Gates :
His House
Spoiler for Bill Gates :
Inside his House
Spoiler for Bill Gates :
His Car
Spoiler for Bill Gates :
His Picture
I post Bill Gates just want to make you and my self of course make him as our motivation.. just keep on do the best for your life...

that's all..
thank for visit,


Communication Cables Under The Sea

Dear friends,

This time i want to share you about Communication cable under sea.. Yup.. because of this, Me and you can have internet access in all over the world.

Based on Wikipedia that I have read, The first communication under sea is bring telegraph data, next generation it is bring telephone data then Communication data. All of the modern cables use Fiber Optic Technology to bring Telephone data, internet and also personal data. Since 2003, undersea cable have connected all of continents except Antarctic.

What are the cable look like ?

Spoiler for Cable :
Check this Out
A cross section of a submarine communications cable.
1 - Polyethylene
2 - Mylar tape
3 - Stranded steel wires
4 - Aluminium water barrier
5 - Polycarbonate
6 - Copper or aluminium tube
7 - Petroleum jelly
8 - Optical fibers

How the installation process ? Check this out!!

Spoiler for Cable :
The Ship

Spoiler for Cable :
Under Sea
Spoiler for Cable :
The experts
The Workers team

It's mean that.. technology growth faster.. How great it is.. we as a user must use the technology well, especially for good things.. in order that we can share our knowledge with others.



Friday, 16 April 2010

Greates Gadget .. Check it out

Check This Out :

Then :

Next :

And :

This is the equipment :

Check the video here

For Explanation :

The researchers showed Skin put can be used to control audio devices, play simple games like Tetris, make phone calls and navigate simple browsing systems.

Lead researcher Chris Harrison from Carnegie Mellon University told the Mail Online: 'This is cutting edge technology and we really are seeing the future here.

'The project is going very well and I think you'll begin to see such interfaces emerge within the next five years.'

The gadget effectively turns your arm into a touchscreen surface by picking up various ultra-low sounds produced when you tap different areas.

Different skin locations are acoustically distinct because of bone density and the filtering effect from soft tissues and joints. The team then used software that matched sound frequencies to specific skin locations.

If the prototype isn't resting on the arm, it uses wireless technology like Bluetooth to transmit the commands to the device being controlled, such as a phone, iPod, or computer.

Writing in a paper for Microsoft Research, Chris Harrison, Desney Tan and Dan Morris, said: 'Our skin has been overlooked as an input canvas and is one that happens to always travel with us.

'Furthermore, proprioception - our sense of how our body is configured in three-dimensional space - allows us to accurately interact with our bodies in an eyes-free manner.

'We can readily flick each of our fingers, touch the tip of our nose, and clap our hands together without visual assistance.'

The sensor picks up two two types of acoustic signals - transverse waves created by the rippling of skin as it's tapped and longitudinal waves that travel through the soft tissue of the arm and excite the bone.

Currently, the acoustic detector can detect five skin locations with an accuracy of 95.5 per cent, which would be high enough for many smartphone applications.

Mr Harrison told the Mail Online: 'We achieved high input accuracy in the lab with about one error in 20 key presses, which is similar to what you might find on an iPhone keyboard.'

Twenty volunteers who have tested the system said they found it easy to navigate. The researchers added that Skinput also works well when the user is walking or running.

There are many potential markets for the device. Mr Harrison said: 'One example is an audio player on your upper arm. Perhaps it has no buttons at all, and only uses the skin as the finger input canvas.

'You could then just tap your fingers to advance to the next song, change the volume, or pause the current song. You wouldn't even need a projector for most of these types of interactions.'

The researchers plan to present their work in April at the Computer-Human Interaction meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sources : Kaskus

Check Legal or Illegal Warranty of Your Acer Products

Dear Friends,

Do you have any Personal Computer or Notebook even Netbook with Acer brand?

Spoiler for Acer :

If yes, I have an information about the Acer Warranty of your products. Acer warranty are divided into 2 type, they are local and national warranty. First is Local Warranty. In Indonesia especially in our city, Pontianak, Acer Products have different waranty, the legal one is Indonesia Warranty others can be Malaysia, Singapore. If you have Indonesia warranty, your warranty is legal when you have travelling in all over the city in Indonesia but if it is not, your warranty just legal in where did you buy it.

It means that if your acer products are not Indonesia warranty and when your proucts have trouble then you ask for help to Acer Service Provider, they will Reject it But if it is Indonesian warranty, wherever you bought it, you can claim in Acer Service Provider in every city in Indonesia. Second is National Warranty, This warranty is legal for every countries. It means that in wherever countries you bought it, than you have travel to other country you can claim in Acer Service Provider in that country.

Next For Acer :
Next, If you want to know what warranty is your product you can check from the serial number, you can open here :
Indonesia Warranty
Malaysia Warranty then click "check my warranty"
Singapore Warranty

Choose one of that Links, then type your serial number then submit it. For example, If you choose Indonesia warranty Link than you put your serial number and submit. If your product is registered, it means that your product is indonesia warranty. But, it is not registered you may try Malaysia or Singapore warranty.

Hope it will help you..